UHiilliHaweenka (Stand with Somali Women) Campaign – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Understand the 2016 Electoral Process

SGEM held its first UHiilliHaweenka (Stand with Somali Women) Campaign events in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 26, 2016. It was an important educational, recruitment, and engagement Iftar meeting on the 2016 Electoral Process,  The meeting was well attended by over 30 women including political aspirants whom were considering to run for parliament seats in the upcoming 2016 federal elections in Somalia. The attendees also included some well-known figures such as singers Hibo Mohamed (Hiba Nuura) and Adar Kahin as well as activist Busad Kheyre, Habon Abdulle, Ilhan Omar, Khadra Ali, and Sadia Samatar.

Zainab M. Hassan, SGEM Founder & Chairwoman conducted a comprehensive presentation about the electoral process, the minimum 30% quota for women, and the importance of the participation and representation of Somali women at the federal parliament. She also encouraged Somali women Minnesotans to participate.

Thanks to SGEM founding members team Ifrah Farah, Zainab M. Hassan, and Hudda Ibrahim as well as Hodan Aye for organizing this event. Many thanks to Busad Kheyre, Ebyan Abdulle, Habon Abdulle, Marian Ali, and all the other people who contributed to this event.

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