UHiilliHaweenka Campaign Nairobi Forum

As Part of UHiilliHaweenka Campaign, SGEM held an event in Nairobi Kenya. The purpose of the event was to inform political asperants and advocates about the 2016 electoral process with specific emphasis on the minimum 30% quota for women agreement.

Faiza Abraham, one of the Fouding member of SGEM did the openning remarks, and  Zainab Hassan, Founder & Chariwoman conducted a detailed presentation about the electoral process. Other speakers include Stella Ismail, Shukri Afrah, Madina Amir, and Abdihakim Jama (Farataag).

Thank you to everyone that attended this #UHiilliHaweenka event, and huge thanks to our wonderful speakers, and everyone who supported this event specially Drs, Saida Ahmed. Special thank you to our SGEM sisters Faiza Abraham, Shukri Islow, and Zainab M. Hassan for organizing.


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