Parliamentary committees have the crucial role of investigating policy issues, proposing new laws, informing decision making, and significantly influence the direction of the Federal Government of Somalia. As such we are astonished that there is no women representation at the joint Constitutional Review and Implementation Oversight Committee.

The visible scarcity of women voices from committees including the Defence; Telecommunication, Post, Culture, Civic Education and Media; Budget, Finance, Planning and International Cooperation; Environment and Natural Resources; and Agriculture, Rural Development, Livestock and Marine Resources is alarming.

We expected more from our new government that prides itself on championing the inclusion of women in the decision making. We are disappointed that the new parliament leadership thinks that Human Rights, Women & Humanitarian Affairs and Social Service Development Committees are the only places were the voices of Somali women should be heard.

SGEM condemns the systemic exclusion of women from one of the most crucial committees of the parliament. We requests that the Parliament revisits the membership selection/election process, and ensures that adequate representation of women in all committees. The minimum 30% quota is expected through all levels of governance.

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