Paradigm shift: Somali Women’s Leadership in Reconciliation

Genuine reconciliation is in dire need in Somalia as a post conflict society. This tweet chat discussed some of the reasons a comprehensive reconciliation is more elusive in Somalia, and the leadership role Somali women can take in genuine reconciliation. It further explored some reconciliation mechanisms that will help Somalis, and ways to integrate all the fragmented efforts at the grassroots level, and make it more coherent, strategic, and impactful. This Tweet Chat also looked at how Somali women and the society as a whole can heal from the past experiences, and some strategies that helped the panelists in their healing journey. It concluded with some gendered perspectives Somali women can bring to bear in the broader Somali reconciliation agenda.

Hashtags: #HeshiisDhabAh #SherosForPeace #CollectiveHealing #ParadigmShift

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