Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM) conducted one-day workshop titled Coalition Building & Promoting Women Oriented Legislations for women parliamentarians and civil society advocates on April 29, 2018 in Mogadishu.
The purpose of this workshop was aimed at strengthening the role of women parliamentarians in the parliament, and building collaboration between parliamentary women and civil society advocates to be united for women’s rights, and take steps necessary for enacting laws that benefit women as a whole. It was also a way to hold women parliamentarians accountable based on the quota seats they are occupying; and identify and plan activities beneficial for women including legislations in moving forward.
The workshop also highlighted some of the challenges that the women’s caucuses are encountering, and the barriers that preventing the unification of women on common causes and agenda. A total of 85 women participated in the workshop consisting of female parliamentarians from both houses, and civil society advocates from different segments of the society. A representative from the Office of the Prime Minister also attended the workshop. The discussions were open, fair and much needed between women parliamentarians, and civil society advocates to contribute and partake in the workshop. This Workshop was one of its kind.

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