The Complexities Surrounding Somalia’s Security Architecture

This Somalia Tweet Chat was a timely Tweet Chat discussion for a time that a lot of controversies were surrounding the security sector. the state of accountability for Somalia’s security institutions was described, as well as the key impediments to Somalia’s National Security Architecture. It further highlighted the major security gaps in Somalia’s Transition Plan, and ways a broader Human Security agenda can be included in the Transitional plan.

How the protection of citizens, particularly women and children can be ensured during the current political crisis and transition, and some mechanisms to ensure that Security Institutions are held accountable in the tragic case of the missing intelligence officer, Ikraan Tahliil were laid out. Whether the Somali security institutions are ready to take over the security responsibilities once the African Union’s peacekeeping mission, AMISOM exits in 2023 were analyzed. This tweet chat session concluded with recommendations on how to strengthen the performance and accountability of the security sector.

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