SGEM Annual Report 2021

SGEM Annual Report – 2021 provides a brief background, some of the activities that SGEM conducted in 2021, and some of the future plans. SGEM Annual Report – 2021

War Murtiyeed Codka Haweenka Soomaaliyeed oo ku aadan Qoondada Dumarka

      Anagoo ah Kacdoonka Somali Gender Equity Movement oo loo soo gaabiyo SGEM, Guddigiisa, xubnahiisa oo ku dhaw ilaa 8,000 oo haween ah oo ay ka mid yihiin hogaamiyayaasha haweenka Soomaaliyeed iyo haweenka bulshada qaybaheeda kala duwan: • Waxaan aad uga xunnahay in qoondada haweenka aan mar kale la buuxin bartilmaameedka ugu yaraan […]

The Complexities Surrounding Somalia’s Security Architecture

This Somalia Tweet Chat was a timely Tweet Chat discussion for a time that a lot of controversies were surrounding the security sector. the state of accountability for Somalia’s security institutions was described, as well as the key impediments to Somalia’s National Security Architecture. It further highlighted the major security gaps in Somalia’s Transition Plan, […]

The United Nations Security Council

Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM) Founder & Chairwoman Zainab M. Hassan was one of the Briefers of the United Nations Security Council at a videoconference meeting on Nov 23rd on the situation in Somalia focusing on women participation in many aspects of the society, particularly political participation. The briefers included James Swan, Special Representative of […]

A Collaborative Conference

SGEM concluded its #UHiiliHaweenkaCampaign w/ a big confrence in collaboration w/ @Soyden_network & SWLI 2 create a common agenda 4 Women. The conference brought together women political leaders, aspirants, civil society advocates & experts.