Parliamentary committees have the crucial role of investigating policy issues, proposing new laws, informing decision making, and significantly influence the direction of the Federal Government of Somalia. As such we are astonished that there is no women representation at the joint Constitutional Review and Implementation Oversight Committee. The visible scarcity of women voices from committees […]

Forum for Women Parliamentarian

Forum for Women Parliamentarian In light of the International Women’s History Month, Somali Gender Equity Movement organized and facilitated a forum for Women parliamentarians in the Federal Parliament of Somalia in Mogadishu sponsored by the U.S. Mission to Somalia. The main purpose of the forum was to start the process of forming Women’s Caucus and […]

House of the People Elections: Concern about the lack of achieving 30 % quota for women

  To: His Excellency Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas, President of Puntland State His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Islaam (Madoobe), President of Jubaland State His Excellency Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, President of South West State His Excellency Abdikarim Guled, President of Galmudug State His Excellency Ali Abdullahi Osoble, President of Hirshabelle State Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team […]

Elect Women Song

There is no doubt that women epitomize character and competency. We, the leadership of Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM) are proud to present Elect Women song in part of our election campaign. The lyrics and melody of this song is by Bashir Ali Hussein and the music by Mohamed Karama. It is sung by the […]

UHiilliHaweenka (Stand with Somali Women) Campaign – Mogadishu Conference

  Creating a Common Agenda for Somali Women: A Conference on Electoral Process in 2016 & beyond SGEM concluded its #UHiiliHaweenkaCampaign with a big confrence held in Mogadishu on August 15, 2016 in collaboration with Somali Youth Development Network (SOYDEN), and Somali Women Leadership Initiative (SWLI). This conference was historic since its the first Collaborative […]

UHiilliHaweenka Campaign Nairobi Forum

As Part of UHiilliHaweenka Campaign, SGEM held an event in Nairobi Kenya. The purpose of the event was to inform political asperants and advocates about the 2016 electoral process with specific emphasis on the minimum 30% quota for women agreement. Faiza Abraham, one of the Fouding member of SGEM did the openning remarks, and  Zainab […]

UHiilliHaweenka Campaign Oslo Forum

  SGEM held UHiilliHaweenka Campaign in Oslo. Women activists, professionals, and political aspirants participated in this forum. Lul Kulmiye, SGEM Spokesperson and one of the founding members opened the Forum. She explained the electoral process, the importance of UHiilliHaweenks Campaign, ensuring the minimum 30% quota for women as well as the achievements of SGEM.6 Lul […]

UHiilliHaweenka (Stand with Somali Women) Campaign – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Understand the 2016 Electoral Process SGEM held its first UHiilliHaweenka (Stand with Somali Women) Campaign events in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 26, 2016. It was an important educational, recruitment, and engagement Iftar meeting on the 2016 Electoral Process,  The meeting was well attended by over 30 women including political aspirants whom were considering to run […]