The Complexities Surrounding Somalia’s Security Architecture

This Somalia Tweet Chat was a timely Tweet Chat discussion for a time that a lot of controversies were surrounding the security sector. the state of accountability for Somalia’s security institutions was described, as well as the key impediments to Somalia’s National Security Architecture. It further highlighted the major security gaps in Somalia’s Transition Plan, […]

The Nexus Between Somalia’s Provisional Constitution and the Reoccurring Political Gridlock

This Tweet Chat explored the impact the current Provisional Constitution has had on Somalia’s political processes, and its positive or negative impacts on Somalia’s current political gridlocks, as well as how the absence of constitutional court in the country contributes to the reoccurring political disagreements among the leaders. It also stressed how the current form […]

Paradigm shift: Somali Women’s Leadership in Reconciliation

Genuine reconciliation is in dire need in Somalia as a post conflict society. This tweet chat discussed some of the reasons a comprehensive reconciliation is more elusive in Somalia, and the leadership role Somali women can take in genuine reconciliation. It further explored some reconciliation mechanisms that will help Somalis, and ways to integrate all […]