Somalia Tweet Chat

Somalia Tweet Chat

SGEM’s 🇸🇴 Tweet Chat program is the first of its kind in Somalia. It is intended to compliment Somalia’s oral culture, and promote a writing culture in the country while contributing to relevant discussions on timely topic areas.

SGEM employs a rigorous process to carefully contribute quality information. To that end, SGEM selects themes corresponding to its strategic focus areas as well as some current issues that are relevant to Somalia and Somalis.

To ensure the quality of the Tweet Chat discussion, SGEM team prepares a topic and specific questions, and invites experts, researchers and practitioners in that field to make certain that the Tweet Chat program is seamlessly delivered, SGEM follows a process where questions are posted one by one every 10 to 15 minutes on SGEM’s Twitter account. Panelists respond to each question in writing. Other interested Twitter participants also contribute and share their points of view on the topic at hand.

SGEM’s Tweet Chat discussions provide lots of valuable data in particular topics that can be useful for leaders, policy makers, researchers, and the public who might be interested in these topics. Moreover, this information is and will be available online, and can benefit future generations.

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