Training and Development

Training and Development

As a post conflict society, there is a dire need for capacity building skills development in Somalia. Through peacebuilding and skills development training, SGEM is dedicated to building human capital and social development through capacity development programs. A cadre of subject matter experts designs training tools based on action research, highbred context-specific local knowledge needs and informed by international best practices.

SGEM provides training and capacity building for women on leadership as well as reconciliation and conflict resolution skills utilizing context-specific and Circle Process training. SGEM’s capacity building trainings empower women at local, regional, and national levels.

In all its forums and workshops, SGEM builds the skills of women’s right and peace advocates utilizing gender justice strategies. Some of these skills development and trainings include:

  • Women Leadership Skills Development
    • International Women’s rights and Somalia’s Provisional Constitution
    • Women’s Rights in Islam
    • Advocacy Lobbying, and Action Planning
    • Networking and Coalition Building
    • Resource Mobilization and Fundraising
  • Communication
    • Branding and Campaigning
    • Public Speaking
    • Working with Media
  • Reconciliation, and Conflict Resolution
    • Circle Process Training
    • Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution
    • Trauma Healing
    • Restorative and Transitional Justice
    • Facilitation, Dialogue and Negotiation


Training and Capacity building