Who We Are

About SGEM

Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM) is a non-partisan, socio-economic and political global movement that started organically in social media after Zainab M. Hassan, Founder and current Executive Director started a Facebook dialogue on Vision 2016 for Somali Women platform on April 5, 2015 due the glaring absence of Somali women’s voices from the critical debates surrounding the future of Somalia. Out of that platform conversation, 10 talented women’s rights activists co-created Somali Gender Equity Movement after strategizing and planning the future of the Movement. This timely idea was and is a much-needed response to address gender equity and inclusion in Somalia. SGEM was officially launched in Minneapolis, USA on June 13, 2015.

SGEM galvanized the support of close to 8,000 diverse Somali women inside the country and in the diaspora, who have united to advocate for gender equity in Somalia. Its headquarters is in Mogadishu, Somalia.